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Android with Fishfinder!
« on: April 08, 2015, 08:51:16 PM »
Navionics Boating Apps for Android version 4.3, includes the powerful SonarPhone feature enabling you to view a fishfinder split screen with Navionics charts.

Now display live sonar and Navionics charts from your kayak, runabout, or any size boat with SonarPhone. Focus on underwater action relative to your chart details to identify fish-holding structure and patterns to zone in on. You?ll just need to purchase and install the SonarPhone T-BOX equipment.

The SonarPhone T-BOX is affordable and available to buy directly from within the app at Menu>Charts&Upgrades or from this link  It includes a transducer and Wi-Fi transmitter that can easily be installed on any vessel. Then simply connect wirelessly with T-BOX and the app automatically displays the live data. Boaters who are looking for a handy and inexpensive supplement to their current onboard systems also benefit from wireless access anywhere on the boat. Depth data obtained every time you connect with SonarPhone allows Navionics to enhance SonarCharts? anywhere you go, including creeks, rivers and inlets where smaller vessels can easily access. Updated charts are available to you and the whole Navionics Community after about one week for any compatible device including plotter, mobile and PC.

The SonarPhone feature is also compatible with Navionics Boating apps on iPhone and iPad available for download from the App Store. Learn more about Boating with SonarPhone and SonarCharts?.

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