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Speaking of Carp.....
« on: July 12, 2006, 07:15:35 PM »
RIBassin, what techniques do you use for catching them?

Every spring i go to Tioge and waste a lot of time chasing Carp around but i'd like to hook one of those monsters! I've seen some in there i swear go over 20 pounds!

The funny thing this year was some guy in a canoe comes up to me and tells me if i want bass to go in the back cove. Seems he seen some bass (he called them bigmouths) and the smallest one is 28 inches!  I politely tell him thay are carp and he tells me he's from upstate new york and he knows fish!  I wish they were bass, they would be world records ;D

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Re:Speaking of Carp.....
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2006, 08:31:52 PM »
28 inches?? He must have a pretty good eye to give you a measurement without catching one of them  ;)
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Re:Speaking of Carp.....
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2006, 10:28:22 AM »
Hey joe,

Is the cove the one with the stumps showing? left  side from boatramp..
If so he must have seen catfish,i used to catch them on blood worms(rubberworms)all the time off the bottom in the daytime,not even going for them :) but i will say in the spring thats a great place to catch bass because of the fast exit to open water....
I had a guy who was in a turnament at tioge and needed  only one more fish for a limit ask me where all the bass are at,so i said to him did you go in that cove(this was in the spring)he said-" no fish back there big guy" the fish have laid there eggs and left....
I said ok and went in and caught 3 keepers in 10 min.
I wanted to show him but i said who gives a you know what....
I think it was because i was in a small boat with a friend and he was in a 20 foot bass boat,so i guess i had no clue  on
Its not the boat but the guy in it that catched the bass ;)

As for catching carp i like to sneak up as close as i can(when fishing RW park) and float  a small hook on the crust part of bread  i use 10 lb test on a spinning reel so i can cast it somewhat then i back away  and wait till they come up and suck it in...
It some fun i tell ya pluss they fight like heck....
I dont get into that messy mixing stuff-if anything else i use corn but most times i use it to bait a spot.
They will eat a small ball of bread on the bottom but its better to be as far away because they spook too easy.

I use to fish behind parkview school across from RW park well its down the road that goes by it,you will run into railroad tracks, i walk left on them(not far at all)and the water its on the left,one of the best spots to catch them but you can only fish from the bank...but thats all you need....

good luck
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