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We are very happy to have the support of Sandy and her team.  The best part is her commitment to our trail by donating one free entry into her Customer Appreciation Tournament, on Winni, to our Point Champions.  Thats a $250 value.  Thank Sandy and Northern bass Supply.

The Hawg Forum / Win A Gallon Of Oil For Your Rig
« on: March 04, 2011, 02:12:34 PM »
Do you fish in Maine? Then this contest might save you a few bucks: 

Other Fish Species Forum / Crazy Crappie Question
« on: February 04, 2011, 04:43:45 PM »
I know several guys down south that would rather fish in a crappie tournament than anything else.  Is there any crappie tournament type events in New England?  If not would there be any interest?  I can't wait to see the response.  Thanks for the feedback ahead of time.


Eric is right on the money.  I feel we will draw 30+ boats as well.  We did our best to stay away from as many high attended opens as possible and chose lakes that many like.  We will be doing a registration in early April to just get teams signed up.  We will have a better idea of where we stand then.  There is no fee to register, but we will be doing a prize drawing to encourage early registrations.  It will be at Cabelas in Scarborough and when we know the dates - we will post it here.  Thanks for the interest.


Looks like a few of the readers are considering fishing in Maine in 2011.  Hopefully high gas prices don't keep you away.  The Maine Bass Challenge has it's dates and lakes.  Here they are:

•Maranacook Lake, July 16th, 9a-5p
•Sebasticook Lake, July 31st, 7a-3p
•Cobbosseecontee Lake, August 6th, 7a-3p
•Cobbosseecontee Stream, August 28th, 7a-3p
•Damariscotta Lake, September 25, 7a-3p

Key Points All Anglers Should Know About The Trail

•Entry Fee Per Tournament is $70/team, which includes the lunker pool,
•There is NO membership fee,
•This is a 90% payback trail,
•Paybacks will be based on 1 for every five boats,

Here is the website:

Thanks from the tournment staff: Clayton, Jimmy, Matt, Bill, Jay and Tony



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