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The Hawg Forum / Kayak Fishing-Chat-fish yaking trips
« on: April 22, 2016, 11:37:26 PM »
Thank you for reading my post.

Spring is here! Had a great opening day at Melville, lower pond, portsmouth RI with a two landlubber friends. 3+3+5 rainbows.
I have been out on my Old Town Predator 13 Kayak a few times. Hit Hunts river last weekend. With the 22 mph wind and much overhang, not a very good day. So I hit my home Pond, Stafford, Tiverton, on Sunday. A rare day not with the BGFF, she was sick. Caught one tiny Larry.  :facepalm:

Oh yes to the Subject: Just shouting out to any Fish Yakers out there, to start up some dialog and possibly some fish trips?
So if you have read this, let me know if you yak, where you fish and if you are interested doing a home and away pond/lake swapping trip.

I know Stafford Pond pretty well, been keeping a tight line there for a few years now. I duped the south end Adam's rock. My Son, Adam and I fished there a few years ago on a full moon day/night. We had great success. I had a Giant break my line on a bolder with my fav spinner at the end. He let me hear it twice within 30 minutes jumping and trying to shake it out. As if to pour salt in the wound.

My son Adam gets bored easy, 20yo at the time, so he got out of his Yak and climbed onto the Big Boulder in the south end. That coupled with the many fish we caught that day, I dubbed it Adam's rock. Well, it is close to Adamsville RI. Yes, there is a village in Tiverton called Adamsville.

Anyway, Fish Yakers shout out, Let's do some fish yaking.

You can see me and some fishing episodes on Youtube, RJUnleashed.
Thanks RJ

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