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Title: Tomorrow, July 17, quabbin, open seat
Post by: jonnov3 on July 16, 2016, 03:51:43 PM
Haven't been there in a month. Don't know what to expect. Can only try to fish deeper drops for smallies.
Anyone interested? Expect long day on water chasing smallies.
Can text me at 2
I leave Milford CT about 2:30am and can pick up partner as long as you are in my path. 95 to 91 to 90 into Ware mass. Can meet me at Walmart andeave your car there or pay $6 to park in quabbin launch area.
First stop is shallow flat on the way to honey bole, unless water is to low to get into and around either one. Waters been very low since last summer so it has all changed to unknowns
Anyways, don't text to late, I'll be sleeping
Must be in line by 4:50am, otherwise takes forever to get thru