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Hosting a 12 boat event on amos if any of you guys would like to fish please post here. i have a permit for 12 boats and only have 4 as of right now. Its a 5 fish limit at 75 a team 10 from each boat goes to lunker and the rest will be payed out based on how many are in the field. tournie  date and time is sept 8th 6pm to 2 am.  All the regular tournie rules apply. You all know them by now...Hope to see a few of you guys there.

Saltwater Tips & Tricks / We need your help
« on: March 22, 2007, 07:20:58 PM »
 We can use all the help we can get if you have a few minites to spear take the time to sign. Thanks

There is now an online petition at:
(I'm hoping it works, I've never tried this online petition thing before)

If you think that we should just hit the pause button for a year before taking this step, please sign the petition online, and forward the URL to anyone else who may be similarly inclined.

My feeling is that this is a big step, and if we want to work out something with a boat permit, or guarantee reciprocity, we need some time to fully flesh out the ideas. If the bill goes through as is, it becomes that much harder to get it changed later.

The goal here is to forward this to the House and Senate leadership, so that when it becomes time to schedule a vote on this bill, they will have at least some idea that there are folks out here who think we need to give it another year.

Here is the text:

To: Connecticut General Assembly

Whereas, House Bill 7124 contains a provision establishing a licensing requirement for the marine district in the State of Connecticut, and

Whereas, the recreational saltwater fishery has traditionally been license free, and

Whereas, the issues of interstate reciprocity, compliance with the requirements of the federal Magnuson Stevens act, and a detailed plan for disposition of raised revenue have not yet been resolved, and

Whereas, the issue of the impact of such a licensing requirement upon the state's economy has not yet been studied,

Now therefore, we respectfully request the Connecticut General Assembly not to pass a bill containing a recreational saltwater angling license provision, and the Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection to retract support for said bill until the 2008 legislative session, when adequate time for information gathering and input from the angling community has been afforded.


The Undersigned

Ice Fishing Reports / Beseck lake
« on: January 18, 2006, 08:32:05 PM »
  Hi guys new to the site. Seems like my cup a tea ;D.

I hit the ice yesterday for a few hrs with a friend Mike. We had to be careful with these temps,but managed to find some safe ice. There were spots on the lake that were open. So the rope was at arms reach at all time ;).

We set up a few flags and started jigging with hali's and tear drops tipped with waxworms. we managed a few nice perch in the jigging rods with a few sunies in the mix. The flags were slow, but we hook 3 lmb and 1 pike about 24in. The biggest lmb was about 2lbs. Not a great trip ,but time well spent.

Now bring on the open water. I want to get the boat out bad.

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