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Lure Making / Breakfast and Baits
« on: February 06, 2021, 10:33:05 AM »
Cup of coffee and a handful of bladed jigs. ;D  This was the 2nd batch now all the Plano boxes are full!

Boating Forum / Cleaning up my 04 Tracker Avalanche
« on: February 06, 2021, 08:22:55 AM »
To be honest I'm somewhat ashamed. I had no idea how bad it was! LOL  :puking:
By the end of last year when I was getting the boat ready for it's winter nap I did a walk around. The poor boat looked like it just came back from a week long bender at the Roxbery. I lost most of the decals on my 04 115hp Mercury. The decals were replaced by dirt. Seats have tears and patched with flex seal tape. Side rails faded from sun and pitted. This was just the start of my list.

Since I had shoulder surgery this winter I needed a project and my plan was to pay a little respect to the old girl. She needed a facelift of Joan Rivers proportion!
I'll be posting more as soon as I get the boat into the garage.

The Hawg Forum / Battery Stuff
« on: May 10, 2020, 05:31:20 PM »
So I know everyone has an option when it comes to batteries but we can all agree it is expensive to replace them! I have 4, a 36V trolling motor and a cranking battery. I'm using all Optima batteries, one yellow top and 3  bluetop D34M. The back drop to the story is I was working on the boat over the winter and noticed one of the charger lights was acting funny. It would show bad battery and then flash and go back to bad battery.
SO looking at the label I noticed it was from 06! Figured heck that was a good life and ordered a new one. Then a week later something else was odd one of the batteries what flashing charging but would not complete. Well this one was from 09 again not a bad life so I spent another $250 and now my boat has 4 batteries less than 3 yrs old.

Not wanting to give up I did some research and found out that AGM batteries like Optimas can trickle charge down to nothing and cause chargers to not register properly.  One of them was reading less then 2 volts and my charger didn't know what to do with it.

The end of the story... Both the 06 and the 09 are working like new again because of 2 tricks.

1st battery that was under 2 volts. Hooked jumper cables to it + to + and - to - then, using a Noco Genius G3500 charger for 18+ hours it was fully charged and ready to go!!  :yes:
2nd battery was the 09 that showed charging but never got 100%. Using the same Noco Genius G3500 charger in maintenance mode the next day the battery was at 100%!!  :yes:
So while I'm not about to put them back in the boat I have some pretty kick butt spare batteries in my garage! LOL
Final thoughts for $500+ I gained some knowledge, 2 new batteries that will keep me fishing for another 7+ years and 2 deep cell batteries to use when the world goes to nuts and I forced to live off the grid.  :facepalm: (giggle) :nod:

The Hawg Forum / 12+ volts but nobody is home
« on: July 10, 2019, 03:14:41 PM »
I have had an interesting year with my boat and last tournament was no exception!

Long story short over the weekend I had a night tournament. I launched my boat and started getting my stuff ready. The typical setup, power up electronics, pull out my rods and fire up the motor. Well that is when it all went south. I sat down to start the motor turned the key EVERY thing BLACK! No lights, No Electronics. nothing...

Tied off to the dock and started looking for a blown fuse, couldn't find anything in the dark. I ended running the livewell wires to the TM batteries and said screw it thats all I need to fish.
Got home and tested the battery. Reads fully charged on a volt meter as soon as I touch anything to it the volts drop to almost nothing. I had to laugh because I was like what the heck no warning and it just goes... Then I looked at the date sticker on the Optima battery and it was 7 years old. Guess that was a good life!

The Hawg Forum / Echo Lake first!
« on: June 07, 2019, 12:04:38 PM »
Fishing in a tournament last night I had a first for me on Echo Lake!
10+ years fishing there and never caught a trout before!


The Hawg Forum / What makes a good fisherman GREAT?
« on: May 14, 2019, 01:51:41 PM »
So I have been at this for a LONG time and to be honest I'm nowhere near as good as I should be. I continuously ask myself. WHY...
WHY are you not catching fish when everyone else is...WHY do I continue to beat myself up in these tournaments...WHY can't I find a fish on a spinner bait or a jig I know they should be on right now...WHY WHY WHY....
Well this weekend I had one of those days. In one of our SRIBA tournaments this weekend I had the WHY's and it cost me a good bag! I knew what to do from the start, I had the right baits tied on from the beginning and we were at the right place to make it happen. I spent more time picking rods, cutting and re-tying baits and dealing with a frustration level that just kept building than I did fishing. IT SUCKED!!!
THEN I had my moment... WTF are you doing! You caught fish they told you where they are WHY are you not listening. It was then I put down everything and tied on one single bait and began to fish. For the first time in the tournament since the first cast I was fishing again. Unfortunately it was the last hour of the tournament...
Like usual I finished with a few fish and in the middle of the pack. The difference this week is I think I actually walked away with something. I love fishing way to much to not enjoy every cast! If I'm a middle of the pack fisherman in tournaments I'm gonna be the best dam middle of the pack fisherman I can be...  :facepalm: (giggle) :nod:
Tight lines to all and remember... Enjoy it because it is only fishing!!!

The Hawg Forum / 2019 Skunk is out of the boat!
« on: April 07, 2019, 05:40:02 PM »
Got out today to de-winterize the boat and take a few casts. Picked up my first bass of the year so the SKUNK is officially out of the boat. LOL
Wish I could have spent more time on the water but yard work was the theme of the weekend.  :crying: Felt great to take some casts!  :nod:

The Hawg Forum / How you know you are not on the right website!
« on: January 13, 2019, 01:58:38 PM »
I was just poking around the internet for some deals and came across this on  :hmm:


The Hawg Forum / So what do you think?
« on: July 02, 2018, 02:21:02 PM »
So this weekend I made a decision. It hit me like a ton of bricks when I caught my 2nd fish during a night... (and the fact it has been coming up more and more)

I fish in a Thursday night league and with Curt in SRIBA. The waters we fish in RI and for the most part CT tend to get hit pretty hard. Everyone knows the good lakes and those lakes take a beating. SO... Long story short Friday night my first fish was a typical 1.5lber but looked very healthy and solid. I thought to myself it was great to see a new young class of fish beefing up! Then a caught my 2nd and it was also a 1.5lber however it was a different story. I went to put in my cull tag and his jaw was split from front to back. You could see where someone stuck a cull tag in too far back from the fishes lip and it must have ripped. It sucked to know "we" did that...
SO I'm going to test out some of the non-penetrating cull tags and hopefully others will follow. Who knows maybe our club rules will change and non-penetrating cull tags will be in the rules.

I know others are already using these tags so please chime in. What brands work and what brands suck???

The Hawg Forum / Where not to fish this weekend!
« on: June 26, 2018, 03:38:24 PM »
"Tiogue Lake due to high concentration of Enterococci bacteria."

Add in the 3+ days in the 90s we have coming...  :puking:

Boating Forum / When a simple thing becomes a PITA!
« on: April 17, 2018, 08:00:34 AM »
Without nice days to work on the boat outside I've shoe horned my boat in the garage to get it ready. I've been chipping away at the to-do list for the season and almost have it done. Thursday is first tournament so I'm down to the wire.

Last night I said let me fix that marker light on my left wheel well. Found a new set at Walmart 5$ ea not bad. I took off the broken one and hooked up the new one. 5-10 min  Easy, Done. Right... NOPE

I decided to replace the other side so they match. The new one is a hint bigger and I wouldn't want planes flying above to see I have 2 different marker lights. LOL So, I take off the working one and hook up the matching one and NOTHING... No light.... Take it off test it on a battery back and it works. Test the old one and it works. Try both again and nothing. Ended up the DARN wire snap on T connector from the factory IN THE FRAME came loose.. Now to get to it I have to unbolt the fender step and fish out the wires tonight.

BOATS... You got to love em... Figured I'd share I know we all have been there... HA


The Hawg Forum / This weather sucks!
« on: May 06, 2016, 02:27:23 PM »
Last night fished 5-9 it was 44 degrees 15mph wind and rain. Water temps went down to 53.... Are we going backwards? February we had more days in the 60s then May.

O well guess that is why they make Gor-tex! On a positive side the people who are catching them are catching some big slobs!!! Don't think I
would be crying so much if I could just land something over 16"... HA   :facepalm: :crying: :puking:


The Hawg Forum / Always Something!
« on: April 11, 2016, 08:45:07 AM »
This year the boat was in the garage for most of Feb and March. I did a good amount of updating. So this Sunday I was finally able to get the boat in the water and do some testing. Making sure everything works before tournaments start.

  • Recarpted Boat
  • Repaired TM
  • Rewired all lights
  • Installed Lowrance
  • Moved Humminbird
  • Added LEDs to trailer
  • Rebuild rod locker
  • Installed additional cup holder
Only a couple small headaches but think I'm good to go!

One funny things that happen was my boat pee'd on me:o HA

Dumped it in the water. Went through everything once, primed the bulb turned the key and it started right up. I let it idle for a bit then gave it a little more and all the sudden I start to feel warm water running down my leg. Very Odd feeling when your not expecting it!!!

Guess when I was running wires I must have tugged on the water pressure gauge hose and it was pointed right at my legs.

Boats, you never know whats going to happen until it does...

Hope everyone has a great, SAFE season!


Fishing/Marine Electronics / Making a move to Lowrance
« on: March 14, 2016, 11:42:49 AM »
Changing around some of my electronics on the boat. I have always had Humminbird and now I'm going to try Lowrance. I just picked up a new Lowrance Elite 7TI w/ structure scan. Some gift cards really made it easy, considering it took a chunk out of the cost.  :yes:  Really like the feature set on these things.

Not 100% sure if I'll make the move completely from Humminbird yet but wanted to test this unit out. If it works out I'll grab a 2nd unit for the front of the boat!

I'll keep you posted on what I think as soon as I can get in the water!


Hey Guys!

Repairs to my TM are in the works so I'm selling my extra Motorguide 109lb 36V bow mount trolling motor. I'm also selling a Humminbird 788 Fishfinder.

Motorguide: 45" shaft, 109lb, 36V bow mount trolling motor in good shape and runs! Minor cosmetic issues from typical wear and tear. 
Humminbird Model: 788CI HD DI COMBO
I haven't figured out prices yet but if you want to make an offer or have q send me a PM. I'll post some prices once I do some research.

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