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Lure Making / Re: Hadn't used a feather jig and figured it was time
« on: June 25, 2019, 09:08:15 AM »

I used a marabou feather.

Will definitely make spares!! The action is so fluid - almost ghostly and fish of all species and sizes thumped it !

Lure Making / Hadn't used a feather jig and figured it was time
« on: June 24, 2019, 11:02:12 PM »
A friend told me recently that he uses feather jigs for trout and since trout strike everything all fish strike, why not make one and try it in a local lake. Sure enough it caught a dozen fish - namely bass, sunfish and crappie.
(The one on the bottom is a Joker tail added to a grub body that wasn't cast.):

These also caught fish:

I didn't want to start fishing until the clouds moved in which happened by noon. With a ripple on the water, the bite was good in the shallows near weed beds and undershady tree branches where the shore dropped fast into deep water.

Lure Making / Re: update on lure mods/design
« on: June 21, 2019, 11:29:51 AM »
Most people don't realize how effective clear or translucent baits can be  ;)

Ever catch fish on a clear plastic Zara Spook?!! Got bass on them over 20 years ago! Same for Jim Rogers crankbaits.

Lure Making / update on lure mods/design
« on: June 20, 2019, 07:55:00 AM »
Decided to confirm once and for all certain ideas. Here are a few:
Clear plastic can used in the body, tail or whole lure and catch just as many fish:

2 lb catfish:

wacky jig rigged mini-sticks work like no tomorrow ! :

Fishing Tackle Q & A / test some ideas as was pleasantly surprised
« on: June 19, 2019, 05:36:16 PM »

As anyone knows me by my posts as senkosam or spoonminnow, my emphasis is usually on lure modification or design. Fortunately it's paid off as usual with over 100 fish caught on unique designs this year alone. More than just catching fish is proving or disproving old <em>wisdom</em> and new concepts as well as comparing catch rates between the old classic lures and my own.
Concept #1: <em>clear lures catch fish even when part of a lure is made from clear plastic</em>
Here are some examples of fish caught today on clear or semi-clear lures:

The crappy measure 13.5". Another was caught on the second cast that measured a foot.

Bluegills and bass got into the act with clear body or tail grubs:

A Crappie Magnet grub tail in chartreuse was added to a clear body and did very well:

and this 2 lb catfish:

I wanted to see how well my <em>mini-wacky sticks</em> would work in this lake as compared to another where it worked great (note clear plastic):

white mini-stick:

This +3 lb sucker pulled drag after getting hooked on this Crappie Magnet:

All were caught in the same lake, one that I <em>never</em> fished before this year.

Didn't get to use it. Concentrated on catching fish on different designs and proving different theories. 34 fish caught helped do that.

Will use the B.Spin today just for the h of it.

Glad I use small soft plastics and catch all species in the waters I fish. I Remember the days when I could only manage half dozen bass and went home wondering, why did a buy this darn bass boat ?!!

Yesterday was slow from 11:30 am to 2 pm, but only because fish were not in 75 % of the areas I fished. Once I started down an opposite shoreline, more bass and other species hit the usual small soft plastics. But by 3:30 pm on I my way back to the launch, I figured why not work an area off a huge flat that went from 4' down to 6'. Sure enough fish were schooled tight and I got hits on many consecutive casts. Different lure designs got hit hard by bass, crappie and sunfish in an open-water direction.

This mini-stick reinforced my confidence in it by how aggressive the strikes by all size fish and fish species:

The stick on the left was originally very thin and only 2" long right from the injection mold. I stuck the end on a thin wire and dipped it in hot plastic to thicken and lengthen it a bit. After that I brushed some soft plastic glue on the outside and rolled the lure in powdery craft store glitter.  Though I'm pretty sure the clear plastic would have gotten as many strikes,. the main reason for adding a bit of flash is my belief that strikes may be more forceful once the lure gets and holds their attention long enough for excitement to build. Casting a slow moving lure that sparkles in murky water may contribute to getting fish to be drawn closer.

example of glitter added to the outside of a lure:

What reminded me of the reason this lure design is a keeper is how it wiggles like crazy on a slow retrieve horizontal to the bottom. It wiggles also on the drop using the wacky positioned jig head but not as fast. Pauses are always used regardless the lure and what was cool was when the lure laid on bottom for a bit, it would be slammed when I went to retrieve it back to the boat. The stick on the right was made from joining the bodies of two grubs together using a candle and which also worked with wacky and regular jig head rigs.

Here's one more that was a major surprise:

I cut off the claw off a bass lure and fused it to a grub body. Every species hit it !

If I'm not mistaken, size 7 or 8 Colorado.

That's a whole mess of fish!  :o

I'm assuming you're tossing these baits on an ultralight rod with very light line?

Light action rods 5.6' - 6', 8# test braid (2# diameter)(no fluorocarbon needed), spinning and spincast reels with ratios 3.5 - 4 (good line amount taken in when the hit happens). The set up allows good strike sensitivity - good thing since a can't see the line against the water chop and color. Even using 1/32 oz jigs, the weight of the plastic lure casts a good distance and sinks fine in 8' as well as can be worked slow in 3'.

If the lake averaged larger bass and panfish, I would cast larger lures on heavier tackle, though big fish do hit the light stuff.
Lures are 1"- 2" long.

Update using other lures in this water:
Update from yesterday's fishing on the same lake:

Unfortunately when I got there, pleasure kayakers were floating around key areas, but interestingly enough fish didn't seem bothered after an hour of quiet - even in shallow water where there were few weeds. I also caught fish just 15' away from a lady wading in shallow water with her splashing grandson.

As usual I wanted to confirm minor alterations to lures I've used so to have even a greater variety I can trust any time I fish a shallow (15' max) small lake.

This was a claw I cut from a bass crawday lure and attached it to a grub body. It always catches fish:

I never attached this hand poured tail to a grub body before but it caught fish!

The stubby tail grub always catches fish:

as well as this rockbass:

I hadn't cast a mini grub with fine tail connected to a float in a while but did catch 5 fish in 5 FOW.:

The Crappie Magnet like the others is a multi-species lure design similar to the stubby tail grub in its action and as usual caught fish - even a 3 lb. sucker!

...and crappie:

Here's the collection:

All were used with 1/32 and 1/24 oz jigs. that caught 66 fish according to the counter that included bass, sunfish(3 types), crappie, rock bass and that *#%!% sucker.

Years ago I read somewhere an idea for a spinnerbait that would have maximum vibration on the drop in weed pockets. Rather than use it there, I cast it near rip rap in a tidal river creek and bass clobbered it ! All you need are two large Colorado blades, four split rings, two ball bearing swivels, some wire and pliers. To make sure the lure drops at a good rate of speed or travels upright horizontally a 1/2-3/4 oz spinnerbait is needed.

You add the wire extension to the split ring of the forward blade that's attached to the swivel and then attach the rear swivel and blade the usual way as pictured. Whoever invented this should have thought of naming it Thumper because that's what it feels like as the lure drops or moves horizontally.

It's always fun to learn about a new water that few fish. I started making more of one of the clear stubby tail grubs in that size and color body. At least know it will find and catch fish most of the year in this lake.

I just recently found out about a lake my parents would picnic at on Sundays when I was a kid. Didn't know diddley about fishing nor what even a bass was though I did have fun roller skating at the rink. 57 years later the whole area is overgrown and unrecognizable including the lake that has a failing dam at one end.

The dam needed repairs years ago and the lake was mostly drained allowing most fish to be released downstream. There went the quality whatever that was! An inflow stream most likely provided a sort of natural re-stocking but the quality hasn't returned with small to medium size fish the norm. Heck, the lake is less than 15 minutes from home and a challenge trying different small lures - plus few anglers fish it.

The first time I fished it the wind was ridiculous at between 20-25 mph, but at least the more wind protected north cove had catchable fish. What was really weird was the shallow depth fish were caught on IE flats of only 2 - 3.5' ! There is little vegetation growing there but fish were hanging out (prespawn?) anyway. Small bass and sunfish are the predominant fish along with some crappie and rock bass (no pickerel thank God!)

All of these worked the first time I fished the lake:

This is an aerial view of the lake with the dam to the right and the inflow stream to the lower left (5' deep trench is the darker line):

Man do I love shorelines like this:

Other than catching many fish yesterday was discovering so much more about the bottom of the lake such as the trench leading from inflow stream into the lake and fish hanging out nearby on either side in shallow water. Other structure discoveries were some deeper water areas off the n.w. shore/ cove that were 4-5'. Fish were caught under overhanging trees in the shade and in open water on adjacent flats only 2.5' deep and toward the middle that abruptly dropped to 15'.

I hadn't cast a hair or feather jig in many years and figured why not:

I cast both but neither did nearly as well as soft plastic though about 8 fish were caught on the feather jig and very few on the deer hair. (Maybe a trailer would help.)

What consistently caught fish in many parts of the lake was the taper tail grub:

...and a grub-to-grub body fusion minus curl tails, the same which caught fish wacky style using the same jig:

A crappie magnet (which is nothing more than a taper tailed grub with a slit), did as well as anything else:

...along with a methylate colored stubby stick I poured that morning:

It would have been so much more comfortable without the 15 mph wind and air temp of 65 degrees, but at least I discovered more about this small lake as well as lures that excelled, making this one of the most interesting I've fished in a very long time!  Some would turn their nose up at lakes like this, but at my age certain body or water types keep my interest in lure craft and my enthusiasm alive while allowing a quiet peace of mind to prevail minus the noise of motorized watercraft, road vehicles or aircraft. Problem is, the state won't fund the dam's repair and who knows when the lake will be no more....

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