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Can't Believe it's Been Almost a Year!!
« on: October 31, 2022, 03:08:28 PM »
It's late October. And it's been just over a year since we put a deposit on our new home in NC and began planning for our move away from RI.

Since arriving here in late December, I have literally only had my boat out once  :o

But, the small ponds in our neighborhood have been the thing that has kept me fishing, even when we were too busy to take the boat out.

I haven't landed any giants yet. But my wife and I have both landed bass in the 3 lb. class, which isn't too shabby for small ponds being fished from shore.

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks.

This is my wife, goofing off after catching a really nice fish right before dark.

Here are a couple that I caught yesterday afternoon. There are a couple humps in this particular pond. During the summer when the water got really low, both humps grew grass on top of them. Then, when the water came back up when we had rain, the humps got covered back up with water, and the water made its way into the grass. The baitfish in the pond love this because they can hang in the grass to take refuge. Of course, the bass love this too, because they can corral the baitfish in the edge of the grass and chow down.

I caught both of these fish by fishing patiently around the grass on one of the humps.

Caught this nice one from shore back in February, on a spinnerbait on a windblown shoreline.


Looking forward to catching more, especially from the boat.
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