Author Topic: Transporting Large Inflatable Boat - Any Suggestions?  (Read 359 times)

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Transporting Large Inflatable Boat - Any Suggestions?
« on: November 18, 2020, 11:54:01 AM »
I have been racking my brain on ways to more easily transport my inflatable boat. I have a 16ft Saturn SD488 inflatable boat and my SUV is 16.3ft long. This boat has a metal floor.

I have a side by side driveway with my attached neighbor. It is a random driveway, but the back is 3-4 feet closer in so when we park family in the back the cars are almost touching so getting a trailer back there without running over something or hitting my neighbor's car is not good.

I was previously putting the completely deflated boat in its bag along with the floor in another bag and putting that in the back of the SUV along with everything else (no outboard yet, but I will be getting one). I had to squeeze it in there because the boat is so wide. Imagine a suitcase being stuffed on your way to Paris. This requires moving all this stuff into the SUV, out of the SUV, blowing it up for 30-40 minutes, putting it into the water, taking it out of the water, deflate and pack for 30 minutes and take it back home and unpack and store for 30 minutes. As you can see some time and sweat could be saved here.

I was originally going to get an awesome kayak, but I don't fish without my son. More like he won't let me go without him! He is young and can't man his own vessel reliably yet. Maybe in the future! Also, my wife said I have to get something all of us can fit in... oh the dilemmas!

I thought about unhooking a lightweight trailer and pulling/pushing the trailer uphill into the spot might be a feasible option. However the boat is 100lbs, the metal floor is 85lbs, the outboard is 175lbs max, the trailer is 250lbs+. That's over 600lbs of dead weight to push up a slight uphill.

I thought about putting it on top of the SUV, but I am worried about the floor coming loose and flying away even though that would be very hard to do. It may work for short trips at speeds below 50 mph. I have 3 inch wide straps to hook it on so I know it won't go anywhere, but I rather not do this. I would still have to manhandle it down and into the water and I am not getting any younger.

The last thing I thought I could do was buy a trailer and pay a ridiculous amount to store it at a nearby yacht club. I forgot the price estimate they gave me, but it seemed like a lot and they required that I volunteer time that I don't really have.

Now with all this said does anybody have any ideas. Maybe I just need to man up and pay the money. Maybe I need to find a machine to push/pull the trailer into the tight spot in my uphill driveway... I don't know.

Thanks for your help!
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