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test some ideas as was pleasantly surprised
« on: June 19, 2019, 05:36:16 PM »

As anyone knows me by my posts as senkosam or spoonminnow, my emphasis is usually on lure modification or design. Fortunately it's paid off as usual with over 100 fish caught on unique designs this year alone. More than just catching fish is proving or disproving old <em>wisdom</em> and new concepts as well as comparing catch rates between the old classic lures and my own.
Concept #1: <em>clear lures catch fish even when part of a lure is made from clear plastic</em>
Here are some examples of fish caught today on clear or semi-clear lures:

The crappy measure 13.5". Another was caught on the second cast that measured a foot.

Bluegills and bass got into the act with clear body or tail grubs:

A Crappie Magnet grub tail in chartreuse was added to a clear body and did very well:

and this 2 lb catfish:

I wanted to see how well my <em>mini-wacky sticks</em> would work in this lake as compared to another where it worked great (note clear plastic):

white mini-stick:

This +3 lb sucker pulled drag after getting hooked on this Crappie Magnet:

All were caught in the same lake, one that I <em>never</em> fished before this year.