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Abu Garcia Ike Series Revo Review
« on: October 29, 2018, 02:36:18 PM »
So I am a follower of Mike Iaconelli as a subscriber to Bass U and find him entertaining. Unrelated to that I am a big fan of the Abu Ike series casting rods. I bought one for cranking and since have bought about 7 more because for the price I really like what you get and I find when they build a rod that is technique specific I find that I really like what they put together. So at Icast they announced the release of the Abu Garcia Ike series Revo casting reel. When I saw it it was sharp and figured it would pair nicely with the rods I have. When reading about it essentially it was going to be a blend of the Revo STX and the Revo Premier. Not quite as light as the premier but a tougher reel like the STX. That really appealed to me as I predominately use the STX and the Premier. My go to reel truly is the STX so if essentially they shaved a couple of ounces off of it, hey why not? So I ordered 2 and paid a bit extra to get one in early. Now having used both of them for a few months I'm ready to do a review:

Abu Garcia REVO IKE Casting Reel

I got a 8.0:1 for a light flipping set up and a 6.6:1 for a light cranking set up. Out of the box this reel is sexy. Matches the rods and that chameleon paint is hot. The over sized handle and different knobs immediately stand out and in your hand I liked the way it looked and felt. It is slightly lighter than the STX, but for the most part not super noticeable. I start throwing them and immediately I hear that on the retrieve something is rubbing on both of them. I don't feel resistance but overall I can hear it rubbing so I strip them both, clean them, oil them. Put the back together and I can still hear it. Performance wise its not affecting them, but its just bugging me for a $250 reel I should hear anything. Casting distance is everything you'd expect from the Revo STX. The retrieve (minus the sound) is everything you'd expect from the STX. Braking systems and function.. Yep right on par with the STX. So its a tad lighter than the STX, has a bigger handle, and has a better paint job? Thats it? Is that worth its price tag? I dont think so. The STX runs at $199 MSRP and you can find them for much cheaper. If anything it feeling a tad lighter almost makes it feel like its cheaply made. Now I havent broken it by any means and its been very serviceable. However, for the price it just doesnt make sense. The STX will remain my go to.
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Re: Abu Garcia Ike Series Revo Review
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2018, 06:47:39 PM »
@Brazzy One of the things I have noticed with the budget level Abu Garcia baitcasters is their "lack of quietness". I found this especially true with the Pro Max reels.

The Revo4 X, which I reviewed a while back, is a much quieter reel than the Pro Max, for only a few dollars more. In fact, it is very quiet in comparison.

And I'm with you when it comes to reel noises. A reel in the $150 to $200 range (or above) should not be making any kind of scraping, rubbing or other types of noises.  :nope:

Great review. Thanks for sharing.