Author Topic: customizing your boating app? Heres How!!!  (Read 130 times)

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customizing your boating app? Heres How!!!
« on: June 29, 2018, 08:57:21 AM »
The Navionics Boating app has a ton of priceless features that allowi you to easily customize the map to fit your needs!

Follow These Steps!!!!

Open the app and go to Menu > Map Options:
? Turn Easy View ON to magnify icons and text
? If you?re in an area where water fluctuates due to droughts or floods, adjust the Water Level setting to alter contours and spot soundings accordingly
? Use Depth Shading to highlight depths up to a select value
? If you selected the SonarChart? layer, SonarChart? Density allows you to customize the amount of 1ft contour detail you want to see.

An active Navionics+ subscription allows you to gain access to even more tools with Advanced Map Options:
? Change the map display to a Satellite imagery or Terrain elevation view
? Turn Fishing Mode ON to engage the Fishing Range tool, perfect for anglers who want to target depths to catch a certain fish species. Simply enter the minimum and maximum desired values
? Easily adjust the depth value of Shallow Areas
? With Depth Contours, display bathymetry up to a select value

Want to return to the default map options? Simply click the Reset Default Values button!
Don?t have the Boating app yet? Download the FREE version and start a 2-week trial! You can also activate Advanced Map Options on your Navionics plotter card!