Author Topic: 2018 TBF RI state qualification Tournmanet  (Read 1707 times)

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2018 TBF RI state qualification Tournmanet
« on: March 01, 2018, 06:59:56 PM »
the TBF RI is happy to announce its annual state team qualification tournament!
This is a 2 day cumulative weight event in order to qualify for the state team and fish the National Semi Finals on Lake Champlain September 8/9

100$ for TBF members BOTH non boater and boater
200$ for non TBF members - you will automatically become a member if you are not already one
10$ optional lunker pool each day
80% payout
Payouts are given after completion of weigh in on day 2, this includes lunker for both days as well

Non-Boaters are randomly drawn from a hat before the start of each morning
Boaters will be drawn randomly as well for Launch order day 1 then reverse order on day 2
5 fish limit for both Boater and Non-Boater
12" minimum Largemouth or Smallmouth
THE TOP 6 Boaters and Non-boaters after 2 days qualify to fish in the national semi final event on lake Champlain
ALL TBF rules and USCG laws apply....for more info on rules visit
Boat insurance required and will be checked
boat and live well checks will be done each morning, failure to pass this will result in a DQ for that day.

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