Author Topic: Activating your Navionics Updates Card  (Read 349 times)

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Activating your Navionics Updates Card
« on: August 29, 2017, 08:59:17 PM »
  How to Activate your Navionics Updates card:
***Please note that you must have the Chart Installer program downloaded to your computer before beginning.
***Note: Current version of the Navionics Chart Installer are not compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Mac OSX versions less than 10.8.
***Please also note that you must have one of the eligible existing cards to activate the Navionics Updates card. Platinum level cards will not work. If you encounter any error messages during this activation process, please contact us directly, describing the error you receive.

*Navionics Updates cannot be activated using Platinum, 
 Platinum+ or HotMaps Platinum cards

In order to complete the activation and download, you will need to make sure you have downloaded and installed our Chart Installer program to your computer. This can be done by following steps 1 - 9 of our document on how to register and update your card. 

Once you have successfully installed the Chart Installer, plugged in your new Navionics Updates card, and created (or signed into) your account, follow the prompts on the screen.

***Existing data will remain on the card so you can still use it as a back-up, but it cannot be used in the future to activate another Navionics Updates card.***

For preloaded Navionics Updates cards:​​
You will receive a message that your Navionics Updates card is now active. 
Download additional chart layers or update the preloaded chart layers on your card.

For Selectable Region cards:

You will be prompted to select a region to associate with the card. When a region is selected you will see the coverage outlined on the map to the right. Select your region and click Continue.

Confirm your choice by selecting ?I Agree?. The chip will be initialized permanently with the coverage selection you have made.

You can now Create your own coverage areas. Select the layers you want, and download. You may use the same steps for customizing your SonarChart layer on your Pre-loaded Navionics Updates card.  
You can also go see our video tutorial on Activating Navionics Updates!

***Your older Navionics chip will be "blacklisted" after the activation process. This simply means that your older card will be viewable on your plotter but will no longer receive Freshest Data Updates and will not be able to activate another Navionics Updates card.***