Author Topic: Quabbin tommorow, july 23, short notice! Open seat, EARLY  (Read 2579 times)

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heading up around 1:15am, taking a nap (if i can sleep) then going after smallies as usual. Hitting gate 43 (fishing area 3)
Can meet me there or can pick you up if you are in my route of 95 to 91 to 90 into Ware area. Commuter lot is ideal so keep that in mind.
if you plan to meet me at the gate, you must be there very early. Once i launch the boat i will not wait because you are 30 cars behind. I will be very close to the front of the line.

you can text me at 203-430-8686 Jon

DO NOT just show up and expect to fill the seat. Text me and make sure its still available. I post this in other places besides here on this site.

Usually takes me 2 hours to get there with a fuel stop. Last week took 3 hours with couple of pit stops and it was really nice not having to fly to make sure i was close to the front of the line.