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The maintenance side
« on: July 14, 2014, 05:54:11 PM »
Hey all,

I just got done cleaning the gunk out of my reels, and they were BAD.  One has been neglected for years, and the grease was cooked on the inside, no real lube anymore.  I noticed my bearings were SMOKED, so i opted to search for some on finnors website.  Oooh cool finnor got bought by zebco more parts for me.  Boy was i wrong.  Nothing they couldnt even get me the dimensions.  SO i opted to get the trusty 5$ caliper out, should have done it sober because my entire first order from was a tad off.  I did however order bearings for my larger reel by accident(i have no idea how i did it but they work on my new finnor lethal 40.  Soooo try #2, got my main gear and 2 crank bearings in.  All with removable seals unoiled and ceramic.  They are like dreamboats, i got out the hotsauce( some run bearings dry i do not) and just a little to get it smooth and quite.  After 2 hours of cleaning and replacing those bearings i have a NEW feeling/sounding reel.  Does it look new???  heck NO its my pride and joy and it goes places, including but not limited to down waterfalls, culverts, riverbanks, streams, lakes, truck beds, boxes, and dusty closets.  Its had a great run 10years old in October and its still like new.  If you havnt heard of them, its cool neither did i.  They do small bearing applications and ive already have an okuma shimano and a Diwali im ordering for next.  Mom and dad are both fighting over a reel they called junk 10 years ago.  Now im 30 and they are asking to use mine when we go out.  NOPE, but ill be glad to service yours and make em running smooth.
What do you do for monthly/annual maintenance?  I dont want to break this thing, im soo happy with it at the moment.

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Re: The maintenance side
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2014, 06:16:10 PM »
First of all, welcome to the site :)

I tend to service my reels once per season, usually in the winter months. On my heavier use reels, though, I will lube them during the summer months to be sure they don't wear out.

Sounds like you had lots of fun and adventures with yours though  ;D