Author Topic: write and mcgill skeet reese rods any good?  (Read 1232 times)

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write and mcgill skeet reese rods any good?
« on: January 28, 2011, 10:45:12 AM »
I probably should have ask this question before buying, but I just bought the skeet reese drop shot rod for drop shotting of course, and was wondering if anyone has used any of the skeete reese rods before, and if you think it was a good choice for the money. I got it new for $67 with shipping included, It seems nice and is definitely an upgrade from the $20-40$  cheapo rods i have always used and i'm not saying i have anything against cheap rods because many of them have worked just fine for me in the past, i was just wondering if this was my best bet for the price.