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Tackle Shop Club Trail - Quaddick Results
« on: May 12, 2003, 06:46:11 PM »
The Tackle Shop Club had  great day on Quaddick Sunday. There was 144 fish caught for a total of  214  pounds of fish.
1st place went to Joe Z and Mike with 18.14 lbs And Lunker with a 3.15 lb large mouth.
A tie for 2nd & 3rd places went to Scott and Skeeter,Mike B and Joe with 16.8 lbs per team.
There was 28 teams with a total payout of $1,120.00
Most teams said it was a tough bite and they had to work for their fish,but all and all it was a great day. Reports were that there was alot of fish on or moving up on the beds.
Another new team joined,welcome to the club Walter and Nick bringing the club to a total of 39 teams.