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Rogers Lake - CT
« on: May 11, 2003, 03:13:01 PM »
Water Temp: 59 - 62

Air Temp: 50 - 60

Wind: Flat - 10 MPH

Skies: Clear

Depth: 1 - 4 ft.

Baits: Floating Rapala, Spinnerbait

Somewhat tough bite today, but I have seen worse.

Landed my first two bass on a Gold floating Rapala in less than 2 feet of water. I cast it out and let it sit until the rings disappeared, then twitched it slightly. The male bass in the shallows slurped it off the surface.

My other two fish hit a white 1/2 oz. Hawgstomper Pro Series Spinnerbait. The biggest fish of the day hit the spinnerbait (3.24 lbs.)

Ended up with 7.18 lbs. Not great, but good enough for a first place finish ;D

On a side note, I saw many good sized bass in the shallows, either cruising or bedding. I tormented one fish for close to a half hour, but the wind came up before I could get him to bite the tube bait. I knew he was catchable, but the wind blew it for me. Oh well....

Look for lots more bedding fish over the next few weeks no matter where you go!
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