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"Use the word "Definately" in a sentence....
« on: October 29, 2006, 10:10:34 PM »
There was a teacher who asked her class to use the word "definately" correctly in a sentence.
Little Sally raises her hand and says, "The sky is definately blue."
The teacher replies, "That's a great try Sally but the sky is sometimes grey or even black at night."
Little Johnny raises his hand and says, "The grass is definately green."
To this the teacher replies, "Again, great try but sometimes the grass is brown so that is not a correct way to use the word definately."
Rotten little Joey in the back is desperately waving his hand and says, " I have a question before I use definately in a sentence." He says, "Does a fart have lumps?"
Astonished at this the teacher replies, "Why of corse not Joey."
"Well then, I definately crapped my pants."

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Re:"Use the word "Definately" in a sentence....
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