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Lake Erie Trophy Smallmouths!
« on: May 05, 2003, 05:05:45 PM »
May 4, 2003  Well Trophy Smallmouth Bass and Walleye season's finally open! Despite the cold water (42-44 degrees) and ENE winds, the fishing was better than expected for quality Smallmouths. On Saturday, we found the best fishing in 28-35' off Smokes Creek, in front of the Ford Plant and off Hamburg. We had our best luck on a blue/white hair jig and minnows off 3 way swivels. We had 20 Smallies and a nice 28" Walleye, they were all between 3 1/2 - 5.7 pounds. On Sunday, it was better a little shallower between 21 - 27' off Smokes Creek again and in front of the middle gap. While the bite was tough at times, when you found a pod of fish, you could work them for a couple drifts before you caught them all or they moved. We had around 20 Smallies and a Walleye again, but the size varied more from 2 - 6 pounds. Yes, a 6 pound, 21 1/2" Monster! Minnows worked best today by far, only a couple came on jigs. Not bad, 7 Bass over 5 and a 6 pounder in 2 days.  From talking to a few guys fishing the tournaments they did about the same as we did, the winning weight of Saturdays Millenium Bassmasters Tournament was 12.08 pounds for 2 bass. So, it looks like the fish are healthy (the fattest I can remember seeing), not stressed from the long hard winter and it looks like it will only get better as water temperature increases. I have a few weekend openings left for these Monster Smallmouths; May 10 & 11, May 30, June 1, 14 & 15th. If you would like to catch one these Beauties give me a call at 716-433-5848 or email me at: