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Fishing/Marine Electronics / Re: Fish Finders
« Last post by Joe P on Today at 11:30:11 AM »
What tracker are you getting, fully rigged or john boat ?  If your getting a rigged boat it will come with a basic unit!
Fishing/Marine Electronics / Re: Fish Finders
« Last post by ink_n_metal on Today at 08:54:26 AM »
I have a buddy that used to work the electronics counter at BPS.  He is pretty up to date on electronics.  I will ask him what he knows about this unit. 

One thing to look out for, when buying a unit with GPS, is wether or not it comes with or even needs an addition chip.  When I bought my lowrance, it came with the navionics chip.  I almost bought it at a different store, because they had a way better price, but then realized that it did not come with the chip.  So if I had bought it there, I would of had to spend an additional amount for the map chip.  Which would have then put me over the cost of the one that came with the chip.  Just something to watch out for.  Also, keep an eye out for BPS to have their spring classic sale.  Theynusually have some really great deals on electronics.
The Hawg Forum / MOVED: Fish Finders
« Last post by Curt - RI on Today at 08:38:39 AM »
Fishing/Marine Electronics / Re: Fish Finders
« Last post by Curt - RI on Today at 08:37:57 AM »
The unit you're looking at seems to be a lot of bang for the buck. The description says it has GPS, but it doesn't show any screens related to the GPS in the available images, so I'm not sure what GPS functions it offers. And before buying anything, be sure to read lots and lots of reviews!

Also, shop around for pricing!!

Tackle Warehouse has it for less than Lowrance does:

I did some poking around and I didn't find any reviews for this anywhere, so it's either really new, or very few people have bought it. As I said, though, do your homework before buying!
Fishing/Marine Electronics / Re: Fish Finders
« Last post by ink_n_metal on January 20, 2018, 09:49:44 PM »
I know you've had to listen to me for countless hours, when I have you trapped in the boat with me, but I'm going to chime in here anyhow.  I'm just going to list a few factors that you should consider.

1. Though you prefer fishing the shore line, where you really don't need electronics, the fish don't always prefer it.  When you are in a tournament, striking out on the shoreline and see the other boats reeling them in out deep, you will need electronics to fish the offshore efficiently.

2. Try to get a fish finder with a chart and bathymetry.  This will help you no matter where you are.  Obviously offshore, but also on the bank.  If you are finding fish along the bank and wear a spot out, you will want to find similar areas.  Are you doing good because you are near a flat, near a drop off, near underwater points and channels? you will be able to look at your chart and find similar shorelines to what you are hooking up on.  For this, the navionics app on your iphone, for $9.99 will suffice.

3. Structure, structure, structure!!!  being able to see under water structure.  Even when trolling the shoreline, we all take casts off the front, back and offshore side of the boat.  Sometimes, those casts work and you catch.  Why did that cast work?? is the a small dip or hump, is there a stump field, is there a log, or maybe an underwater road bed?  You will never know why that cast worked, you will never know what depth the cast hooked up at and then you will not be able to duplicate it and get on a pattern. 

As fun as flipping, pitching and rip rap are, electronics will flat out make you more competitive.   I think that the lowrance you are looking at would work just fine for you, and then couple it with the navionics app on your phone, for your charting.  Tournament fishing is tough enough on its own.  I personally feel that fishing without electronics will cut your efficiency down and cause you to waste a lot of time on the water, fishing areas that are not fitting for the pattern that you develop.

Just my opinion.  I know that electronics are expensive.  But I feel that you do need something to be competitive at tournament fishing. 

Fishing/Marine Electronics / Fish Finders
« Last post by metz12 on January 20, 2018, 03:13:20 PM »
Hey guys. Have to pick your brain a bit. I am buying a Bass Tracker in the near future, and I think I need a fish finder. The reason why I say I think I need a finder is that everyone has one, so I should! No that is only part of the reason. Fishing with @ink_n_metal a ton last year and using his finder in the back of the boat I have come to rely on it. Fishing offshore without a finder I can imagine is a crapshoot.

I dont know if I really NEED one though. I honestly dont care to fish offshore. I like to flip, fish points, and rip rap, where you may not need the finder.

The finder I have been looking at is this one because it is more reasoonably priced then alot of the others. Still, 120 bucks is a bit hard to swallow, so I am just trying to figure out what you guys think I should do. What would you guys reccomend?

General Non-Fishing Chatter / 18 - Three Days in a Row!
« Last post by Curt - RI on January 19, 2018, 09:50:19 AM »
Three mornings in a row the temp has been 18. Some seriously consistent temps!!

With that said, it also means that the ice is still getting thicker, not thinner  :crying:

One thing's for sure. all of this ice will hang a number on heavy weeds and lay them down for a while  :yes:
Regional Bass Fishing Tournament Listings / Re: 2018 wed night trail
« Last post by Curt - RI on January 15, 2018, 10:15:49 AM »
Thanks Mike! Glad to know you're still cancer-free after 2 years!  :thumbup: :thumbup:
Regional Bass Fishing Tournament Listings / Re: 2018 wed night trail
« Last post by Joe P on January 15, 2018, 10:10:01 AM »
Congratulations on the 2 years! I'm sure you'll hit the 5 yr mark too :thumbup:
Regional Bass Fishing Tournament Listings / 2018 wed night trail
« Last post by tritonmike on January 14, 2018, 03:56:00 PM »
hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for another great year of fishing !  I'm happy to announce that I am now 2 years cancer free !yay! still a ways off from the 5 year mark but im confident I will make it. I've got the wed night trail schedule all set and will attach it here. I hope to see a bunch of you guys out there this year. got a new format here where we will be keeping tract of the tourney weights and the team with the most weight for the year will be eligible to fish the last tourney (which is a 8 hour day tourney) free .  I will be putting up the cold water trail schedule as well as the ct honor and remember tourney app shortly. so lets hope it's an awesome year for everyone ! good luck and tight lines,mike p.
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