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The Hawg Forum / Re: So what do you think?
« Last post by Curt - RI on July 09, 2018, 06:03:56 PM »
I actually picked up the Accu-Cull Elite E-con  tags this past weekend. I haven't had a chance to try them yet, but they seem like they will be very good. I also watched several of the how-to videos on the Accu-Cull website that show exactly how to use these tags. They were very informative.

I also now have a new Accu-Cull digital scale that weighs in lbs. and hundredths, so this should make the balance beam a thing of the past for me.  :yes:

I will be writing reviews on both of these new products in the near future, once I've had a chance to put them through their paces on the water in actual tourney situations.
The Hawg Forum / Re: So what do you think?
« Last post by Brazzy on July 09, 2018, 01:14:40 PM »
I dont tag all my fish. Usually I have a couple that I know I wont be culling so I dont tag them and just tag dinks that will likely be culled. This weekend I fished for an online tournament and I just started jacking 2lb fish after fish so anything I knew I would want to log I logged and released, but ended up with a full live well of 2 pounders with the G-force tags on. Yes they are harder to operate, but I had no issues with them coming off even when using the balance beam. If you dont slide the piece all the way closed I can see it popping open, but once it clicks its locked on there pretty good.

Also the 5lb 13oz fish I landed this weekend had a huge hole in the bottom jaw. Now that I am cognizant of how much damage the penetrating tags can do I am noticing it more and more.
The Hawg Forum / Re: Hydrowave
« Last post by Brazzy on July 09, 2018, 12:52:04 PM »
What a great conversation. So in terms of the hydrowave, I will admit that I thought of it as being gimmicky and to a point it is. However, this is something that in saltwater has been used for a long time. Like I said.. 95% of the time I feel like it makes no difference. We talked about it before on here. If they arent chewing then its hard to force feed them. However, I've invested a lot of money in fishing. I have essentially dropped a few other hobbies and focused on just this one. Given what I have spent on fishing, this is not really all that an expensive investment. In terms of electronics, this one is relatively cheap.

As for electronics as a whole, to be where I want to be as a angler it is a necessity. I grew up fishing golf course ponds where I could go out there with nothing but a spinner bait and a jig with a wally world special spinning combo and mono and just blister them. I moved on to canoes and kayaks and getting to places where other people wouldn't go and getting fish that way. I thought I knew it all. I watched the guys on TV and thought well I'm catching 5 and 6 pounders.. I can compete with them. WRONG! I started fishing tournaments and it started changing the way I fished. I learned that this is a science and not an art and the game of learning a lake, figuring out a pattern, making the right decisions and getting rewarded is not easy to do. Doing this in a golf course pond is easy. There is no challenge to it. Anyone who goes there will catch fish. Going to a large highly pressured lake with other anglers with high end boats and equipment is a different story. I want tools that will help me be the best I can be in those scenarios. Now I want to try some of the more well known fisheries in the region and keep expanding out. When I fish my local pond I dont even connect my electronics, but Im not going to tow a boat for hours and hours and not come loaded for bear. You get out on one of these giant lakes and you dont even know where to begin.

Two things.. 1 is, none of this stuff will make a bad angler into a good angler, more efficient but none of these things are a magic wand. and 2: we all buy the best stuff we can afford with the idea in mind that it will land us bigger and more fish. The idea that electronics are pointless because you cant afford it really doesnt work. Simply owning a crawdad means that you've made an investment to be a better angler and to get to fish you cant get to from shore. I look at that and feel like that means you take it seriously. For me I dropped serious cash on a boat + talons + graphs and looked at the hydrowave like "eh why not?".

I started this thread because of the popularity of this tool and generally speaking its pretty cheap it being $100 for the small model and $400 for the full one. I thought it was gimmicky but wanted to see if it was a legit or not. I do a lot of flipping so I thought worst case I would want something to mask the unnatural sound of my trolling motor. Say what you want about noises attracting fish, but there is no doubt that unnatural sounds will spook fish. So I will share my experience with this thing as I go and you can make the call as to whether or not you want to make the investment. On a side note with this on I landed a 5lb 13oz bass while fun fishing this weekend. Got it flipping again. So that is back to back trips with giants while flipping. I dont know how much I can attribute it to the hydrowave. Again though, if it is masking the sound of my trolling motor, it cant hurt.
The Hawg Forum / Re: Hydrowave
« Last post by Curt - RI on July 09, 2018, 11:05:35 AM »
I think its gotten out of hand

It's kinda that way with a lot of fishing-related stuff. Look at Bass Boats and Outboards. Weekend anglers are dropping $60-$70k on bass boats to fish on lakes that don't even allow them to reach the boat's top speed before having to back it down and cut the engine. Way too many victims of marketing hype and ego trips.
The Hawg Forum / Re: Hydrowave
« Last post by toadhunter on July 08, 2018, 01:04:26 PM »
Good points @Curt - RI , I hear you on the bottom contour and the GPS at night, electronics have there place but I think its gotten out of hand. Perhaps if I fished the great lakes I'd be arguing for the other side of the coin. 
The Hawg Forum / Re: Hydrowave
« Last post by Curt - RI on July 07, 2018, 08:05:08 PM »
The sounds it makes sounds like KVD munching on a bag of potato chips while he is counting the money he made off this thing.
@Brazzy  (giggle) (giggle)

Personally, I view this item as mostly gimmicky (as are so many other gadgets that anglers buy). But, that's not based on any use on a personal level. It's just based on watching the markets over the last 30+ years. Remember the Color C-Lector?  ;D

With that said, your observations are interesting. I'll be curious to hear what you have to say after using it for a year.

@toadhunter I understand where you're coming from. I do, however, appreciate some of the electronics, such as a graph for viewing bottom depth and structure/cover. I also appreciate GPS for navigation after dark or when it's foggy, and for being able to return to a piece of cover or structure over and over again without having to rely on triangulation to find it.

I don't drop shot, so I don't need extra-fine detail in my electronics, and I don't need a 12 inch screen, although I think it must be really nice to have units that sophisticated  :nod:

All in all, if an angler stinks at finding fish based on an understanding of seasonal movements, weather patterns, etc., there are no electronics in the world that will help them catch more fish.  :nope:
The Hawg Forum / Re: Hydrowave
« Last post by ProvidenceBassHunter on July 06, 2018, 08:21:16 PM »
I?m old school I juts use dynamite lol
The Hawg Forum / Re: Hydrowave
« Last post by toadhunter on July 06, 2018, 06:58:58 PM »
This is in no way a slight on you or anyone who uses a Hydro-wave but what ever happened to just going out and catching fish. I have a Crawdad and a small canoe and have no electronics, temp gauge or anything but a trolling motor. Why is it we feel the need to have every electronic advantage on the market? Sure if I was fishing the Elites and Hydro-wave threw a ton of money at me I'd have it tattooed on my butt, but at what point are we still the skilled fisherman if we can find the fish with sonar, turn on our Hydro-wave to excite the school and drop down to catch them while watching on our graph. I'll say it again this is not meant to be an insult, I know you can fish, it's just my rant and I don't have the money for all that high end stuff.  :hmm:   
The Hawg Forum / Hydrowave
« Last post by Brazzy on July 06, 2018, 11:48:01 AM »
I want to wait until I have used ti a full year before I do a full blown review of it, but I wanted to share my experience so far with this thing. Its not this magical tool that calls fish from all over the lake to come to you and bite your lure. Most of the time I dont think it makes a difference at all. The sounds it makes sounds like KVD munching on a bag of potato chips while he is counting the money he made off this thing. However, I will share a couple of observations. First time out this year I pulled up to a lay down that historically I have had a ton of success on. With the hydrowave off I start picking it apart with a jig. I then take a suspending jerkbait and run it over the top of the submerged portion of the lay down 3 or 4 times. Nothing.. I realize "hey I got my new toy, I should turn it on". I turn on the power pattern and I flip my jig into the laydown.. I get a tick tick (not the usual thump) and it being the first trip of the year I load up and WHHHHAAAMMM send my jig back at me 90MPH. I flip back in. Suddenly something breaks the surface. I put the jig down and throw the jerkbait over the top again. Jerkbait gets hammered by a decent size crappie. I then catch 5 more crappie on the next 5 casts doing exactly what I was doing a moment ago.

The next day I bring a friend and go back to the same laydown to show him. The exact same thing happens again. I know its crappie, but the point of the hydrowave really is targeted at schooling fish and to make the sound of a school getting fired up to trigger the competitive nature of schooling fish. So enough about crappie...

On to Winnipesaukee. I did a very similar experiment with smallmouth in a large laydown. The difference was when I pulled up I pulled 3 fish off the laydown. After a couple of casts with nothing, I flipped on the hydrowave and got 3 more fish.  So overall I think this would be an effective tool with more aggressive schooling fish. Northern largemouth are some of the laziest fish out there so I dont think it would spark their interest the way it would smallmouth. I keep thinking over the years of times where I was able to track down smallmouth, but struggled to put them in the boat consistently. Last year I was on a school of smallies and we threw everything including the kitchen sink at them and were barely able to scrap a full bag. I wonder if this would have made a difference.

Anyone else have any experience with this thing? Seems funny that every pro is running it now.
Fishing Photos Forum / Scouting for Upcoming Tourney
« Last post by Curt - RI on July 04, 2018, 01:07:16 PM »
Spent 3 hours on the water last night, scouting for an upcoming tourney.
The bite was a bit slow, but caught a couple good ones, including this one.

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